Stretch Marks

The best ways to get rid of stretch marks

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Laser Stretch Mark

While there are a number of treatments that can help alleviate this problem laser treatments is very effective.

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Scar Treatment

Discover all the options to get rid of any scars

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Dermatologist El Paso

Our largest, and arguably one of our most important organs is the skin. It is the barrier between the outside and the inside. It also provides transport in both direction, helping us cool, get rid of toxins, and absorb what we need from the environment.  At almost 20 square feet it  is something we should take care of and for that it’s crucial to find the best dermatologist in el paso tx.

Because it is our most visible asset it is also the most scrutinized part of our body. When we have an imperfection it can lower our self-esteem. Especially in cultures that value flawless youth. Wouldn’t it be nice if that was not the case?

This site is dedicated to helping you learn how to take care of yourself and what to do when problems occur. We understand that happy healthy skin is important not just for external reasons, but also for the functions of a healthy body.

We would be the first to tell you that you are beautiful no matter what. If you have a condition that makes you unhappy though, we want to help point you in the right direction.   We are all about providing you with up-to-date and accurate information

Dermatology in El Paso TX

One of the most common issues when it comes to skincare is the stretch mark. It affects us all. Normally, the first time we deal with this issue is during adolescence as we start to grow at a rapid rate.   As our growth accelerates our skin stretches to keep up. It has a great capacity to stretch and spring back into place. But push it too far too fast and the body can’t keep up with collagen production. This results in discolored marks that looks like little canyons. Overtime the marks do fade. They never go away though. Depending on their location it be an embarrassing event as an adolescent.

While adolescence is the first time we run into these little marks it is rarely the last and hence the importance of having a great dermatologist el paso tx. Anytime we experience rapid growth there is a chance that the skin will expand beyond its ability to return. Rapid weight gain, exercise, and pregnancy are all common factors.

dermatologist el paso tx

Stretch marks can be lightened or removed wit the correct methods. ©

There are several different methods for addressing stretch mark lightening and removal. Some methods have better track records than others. All of them are dependent on many factors that are unique to each individual. There are plenty of people who will try to sell you a cure. Research is key to getting the best method for your body.

We have researched the most common and successful methods of stretch mark removal. We highly recommend that you take the time to look over each method.  If you are serious about results talk to a professional to at least help you identify viable options for you. A consultation with a dermatologist el paso tx is in many cases free and in most cases less than buying a bunch of products that will never work well enough to make you happy.

MethodAverage CostAverage TimePainComplete Removal
Cream$708+ weeksLowNo
Laser$80020 min treatment depending on area. One may be enough.ModerateNo
Surgery$7,5003-4 hoursHighYes

*Data based on US participants.

The best 17 home remedies to remove stretch marks fast

Scar Basics

A scar is the body’s natural way of healing and replacing lost or damage. A scar is usually composed of fibrous tissue. Scars may be formed for many different reasons, including as a result of infections, surgery, injuries, or inflammation of tissue. Scars may appear anywhere on the body, and the composition of a scar may vary” – Dermatology of Columbia

No matter how careful we are scars are a part of life. Scars are a natural consequence of or bodies healing. When new collagen starts to form as a part of the healing process a scar which looks different from the surrounding tissue forms .  Of course the best way to avoid scars is to not get hurt. But as we all know life is too tough to get through without a few bumps along the way.

Much like stretch marks, scars can be seen as a part of life that we have to deal with. They are like  little badges of achievement. Scars do fade over time, but will never go away. If your scars bother you then there are some things you can do to help minimize their appearance.

When wounds are new take care of them properly. This will minimize the scaring.  After healed, know that the scar will fade. Over time you will see improvement by doing nothing.

If you want to minimize the scar as much as possible there are some good options such as over the counter creams, lotions, and professional scar removal options. Professionals also offer a range of possibilities from injections and laser treatment to surgical removal. Do your research.

If you are serious about scar removal get a consultation from a dermatologist el paso or other specialist.

MethodAverage CostAverage TimePainComplete Removal
Lotion$446 weeks - 6+ monthsLowNo
Laser$1,000 - $5,000One treatment may be enoughModerateNo
Surgery$300 - thousands Depends on location and severity of the damage.HighYes (but new scar will be in its place)

Find the Best Dermatologist

We are born looking nice, smooth, and healthy. Years of living and exposing ourselves to the environment slowly wear on our bodies.  Before we know it if we want to keep it looking good we have to put in some extra effort. Surprisingly, as much as our skin protects us from the harsh environment it doesn’t take a lot to make a big difference when it comes to keeping it healthy.

  1. Drink water. Just do it! It is one of the easiest things we can do to keep our natural shield healthy and ready to protect us from the harsh world. Water keeps us hydrated from the inside.   Our bodies are 50-70% water. Staying hydrated helps keep you looking young and smooth.

BONUS: Hydration helps you keep your water retention at the correct level, aids in flushing toxin from your body, energizes your muscles, helps prevent headaches and lessens cramping.

  1. Eat right. Essential fatty acids, such as those found in nuts and fish are great for you. These fatty acids have been shown to help reduce inflammation. Not to mention they are great for high blood pressure, digestive disorders and heart disease, among others.
  2. Don’t smoke. It is not only the lungs that suffer while you puff on that cigarette.  Smoking causes a reduction in the oxygen available for your cells and accelerates the aging process. According to a study done by the Mayo clinic after 10 years of smoking the acceleration of aging is already apparent even in youth. If you started smoking at 16 by 26 you will already be aged well beyond that of your peers. Something to think about for sure. Don’t forget about those repeated facial gestures associated with smoking either. Those will become hot zones for your future wrinkles.
  3. Stress is hard on more than just your nerves. You will eventually hold those lines that come from chronic worry and stress. Then there are the chemicals that are released during our stress responses. There are many reasons why stress is hard on the body. Try to find a way to relax or get the stress out of your life.
  4. The sun. From the beginning we are exposed to one of the biggest dangers.  The sun begins its campaign against us while we are children. Sun exposure leads to wrinkles, dark spots, light spots, red spots, and in some cases cancer. No matter what your type or color, covering up and limiting your sun exposure is vitally important. Be sure to sunscreen all the time, even if you are not going to the beach. Limit your exposure and try to stay in the shade.

Sunscreen protects us from the suns UV rays by absorbing them and turning them into heat.  There are three types of UV rays produced by the sun.

  • UV A – Is a deep damaging form of radiation.  It is not stopped at the first few layers of defense and travels deep into the dermis.  This type of UV is your enemy when it comes to cancer and premature aging.
  • UV B – A long day at the beach will make you look like a lobster because of this type of UV light.  It is what burns you.

    dermatologist el paso

    Make sure you know how sunscreen works. © strelok

  • UV C – This type of UV is completely blocked by the atmosphere.

When purchasing sunscreen make sure to at least get a sun protection factor (SPF) of 30. SPF is used to determine how long you can stay in the sun without burning.  For example, an SPF of 15 will allow you to stay in the sun 15 times longer without burning than your natural defenses alone.  Keep in mind that SPF is only for UV-B rays.  A multiple spectrum sunblock is needed to address UV-A damage.

SPFPercent Protection*

* Data on sunscreen from the American Melanoma Foundation


As we age our exterior  goes though changes along with the rest of our body. Probably one of the first, and most hated changes, is wrinkles. Winkles develop as we lose elasticity. Other factors can accelerate their development such as smoking and sunlight. In all of our research this is the one area filled with sketchy products and scams. Be sure to do your homework if you are looking for products that treat wrinkles.

We have less sweat and oil glands as we age. Make sure to use soap that isn’t harsh. Stripping the moisture and oils can amplify dryness and make wrinkles look worse. Don’t forget adding a moisturizer to your daily routine helps to restore some of the moisture as well.

Another commonly complained about issue with age is dark spots. These spots are the result of sun damage over time. Keeping sunscreen on and staying out of the sun will help prevent these, but practically everyone will end up with some as they age. The best thing you can do to get rid of them is talk to a professional. There are few, if any, home treatments that penetrate and remove these kinds of spots.


Acne is the bane of our youthful existence. For some, it is a problem that follows us into adulthood. While science is still not sure what causes acne (though there is a clear connection to the activation of sebaceous glands and androgen) the condition occurs when the hair follicles become blocked and bacteria starts to form.

While having some acne is out of our control what we can control is our diet. Research has shown that dairy and high carbohydrate foods can contribute to outbreaks.

Acne can be embarrassing and painful. There are over the counter medications that are helpful in minimizing its appearance. Be careful though, some people can be allergic to some treatments.

Acne can be painful and difficult to control. In some cases the only good way to treat it is with prescription medication.


Skin cancer it the most prevalent form of cancer in the USA. While this site is not dedicated to cancer treatments it is important for everyone to be able to identify this potentially deadly diseases early.

A – Asymmetry

B – Border is uneven

C – Color is variable within the spot in question. Multiple shades and variations are present

D – Diameter continues to expand. If it is larger than an eraser have it checked out.

E – Evolving as it changes in size, shape and color

If you have a spot that matches any of these conditions seek medical evaluation as soon as possible.  It is of, if not the easiest, cancers to cure. Early detection will save your life.

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We want you to be happy in your own skin. If you have any questions, or can think of a topic that you would like to see addressed in the future please feel free to contact us on the contact form and we will research the topic and get back to you.