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5 Benefits of Coconut Oil For Skin


For many years, coconut has been a culinary favorite in many homes. While many have used it to add a delicious flavor to curries, others are now increasingly using it for frying and in baked goods &pastries. But did you know that for ages, this edible oil had been used on the skin and especially by people of coconut growing areas? If you can get the best coconut oil brand from, it is really helpful in improving your skin codition. For generations, their skin benefited (and still continues to benefit) from the wondrous properties this natural tropical treasure has had to offer.

So below is why coconut oil is good for skin.

5 Benefits of Coconut Oil For Your Skin

Coconut Oil Moisturizes Your Skin

Coconut oil moistures skin

One of the properties that causes Coconut oil to stand out from other oils is its high saturated fat content. This property makes it an amazing moisturizer for your skin as it is able to hold in moisture while the saturated fats ensure your skin doesn’t lose moisture through the skin pores.

You don’t need to be worried about residues being left on your skin because coconut oil easily melts when applied on the body and effortlessly seeps into the pores of your skin.

Also if you suffer from hardened or cracked feet which is mostly caused by cold weather conditions and continuous standing, applying coconut oil on them makes the affected area way softer and smoother.

Coconut Oil Prevents Premature Aging

Recent medical research has made applaudable strides in showing why coconut oil is good for skin. By so doing, they have linked these properties to the natural prevention of premature aging of the skin. Well, needless to say that many of the cosmetic skin lotions and creams that promise to prevent premature aging of your skin are often composed of chemicals that are not only toxic but sometimes even carcinogenic.

Not only is coconut oil fully organic and safe, but the Vitamin-E component that naturally occurs in it helps with skin growth and skin repair of worn out cells. Even more, the antioxidant properties present in the oil helps with the prevention of wrinkles and premature aging of skin. With coconut oil, you can thus be sure to keep skin aging at bay.

Coconut Oil Works as an Effective Natural Makeup Remover

While you are advised not to go to bed with your makeup on, the makeup removers available in the market might be causing your skin more harm than good.

Given the organic nature and grease cutting properties of coconut oil, more and more people are today embracing it as a natural makeup remover. This is because, using coconut oil saves their eyes and face from the harsh chemicals present in commercially available makeup removal products.

Coconut oil works perfectly well by simply applying it all over the face with a cotton ball and later washing it off preferably with warm water.

Coconut Oil has Antifungal and Antibacterial Properties

Capric acid, Lauric acid and Caprylic acid, all present in coconut oil, all cause the oil to have disinfectant and antimicrobial properties. The result of applying the oil to your skin is therefore protection from microbial infections and pathogens.

Many people suffering from acne have benefited from applying coconut oil on their skin and have reported drastic improvement after using the same. The explanation to this is that the antibacterial nature of coconut oil helps with keeping the bacterial levels under control and through this, avoiding any secondary infections that could affect acne affected skin.

Due to the antifungal properties, coconut oil helps in the prevention and control of yeast and ringworm infections and therefore aids in ensuring you do not suffer from patches of dry, rough or scaly skin.

Coconut Protects your Skin from Sunburn

While people of coconut growing areas have for generations believed that coconut oil could prevent their skin from getting sun burns, there’s in fact some truth in it.

Coconut oil helps prevent your skin against solar radiation, thanks to the antioxidant action of the oil. Also, coconut oil offers skin affected by radiation (due to direct exposure to dangerous ultra-violet rays from the sun) some soothing effect while greatly reducing inflammation.

So now that you know why coconut oil is good for skin, you sure should go ahead and incorporate the application of this wonderful oil into your daily routine!